European Assessment protocol for Children's SEL Skills

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RESCUR is a three year LLP Comenius project (2012-2015) coordinated by the University of Malta in collaboration with the University of Crete (Greece), University of Lisbon (Portugal), Örebro University (Sweden), University of Pavia (Italy), and University of Zagreb (Croatia). It is aimed at developing a resilience curriculum for early and primary education in Europe through the intercultural and transnational collaboration among the partner institutions, tapping into the resources and expertise of the various partners involved.

The curriculum will be integrated within the mainstream curriculum and taught by the classroom teachers, who will be trained, mentored and provided with the necessary resources. The curriculum will be developed on the basis of the current social, economic and technological needs and challenges in Europe, and aims to develop in learners the requisite knowledge and skills needed to overcome such challenges in their lives to achieve academic success and social and emotional wellbeing as young citizens in the EU. It also seeks to address the needs of vulnerable children such as Roma children, children with disability, gifted children, and children of refugees, immigrants and ethnic minorities. The curriculum will be piloted in a number of schools in each partner country. The project products include three manuals for school teachers (Early Years, Early Primary School, and Late Primary School) and a manual for parents to reinforce the skills learnt at school.

For more information go to www.rescur.eu

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