European Assessment protocol for Children's SEL Skills

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This area is dedicated to the schools taking part in the project and located in every partners’ country. You will find a short description, links to the schools websites and contacts.

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Text published on the school web describes the PATHS program and its goals, mentioning which teachers from Elementary school Izidor Krsnjavi are involved.

Darja Zorc-Maver; Janja Ĺ etor [July, 2015]

Program Paths in the classes 1A and 1B

Primary School borcev za severno mejo Maribor joined the Paths-Growth project in the school year 2013/2014. The program was designed to develop children's social and ... continued

M.Novak [May, 2014]

Croatia schools


From each of the participating schools two 1st grade classrooms were randomly selected. From chosen classrooms, a random ... continued

Coordinator [May, 2014]

Italian schools

Listed below are the links to the websites of those Italian schools taking part in the project. These schools are situated in the Terni area (Southern Umbria) and they vary ... continued

Text describes which schools are involved in the EAP_SEL project and what experiences with schools Croatian partners had so far. Also, process of PATHS program ... continued

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