European Assessment protocol for Children's SEL Skills

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Faculty of Education

The Faculty of Education of the University of Ljubljana educates and trains teachers and other professional workers in the field of education. The Faculty of Education is the only institution in Slovenia that trains specialist for inclusive education and the education of children and young people with special needs. In EAP_SEL project the Faculty collaborates with others partners to create and share the teaching good practices in SEL field.

website: www.pef.uni-lj.si

Staff members

Darja Zorc - Maver

Darja Zorc - Maver Dr. Darja Zorc-Maver is an Associate Professor of Social Pedagogy in the Faculty of Education at the University of Ljubljana in Slovenia. Her main research fields are inclusive, preventive work with youth with behavioural, emotional and social difficulties and gender studies.

Partial bibliography:

  • ZORC-MAVER, Darja (2010), “Nekateri vidiki zdravja otrok in mladostnikov”, in KRAJNČAN, Mitja, MIKLAVŽIN, Primož. Zdravje mladostnikov s Ĩustvenimi in vedenjskimi težavami, Ljubljana: Ministrstvo za zdravje, 14-31.
  • ZORC-MAVER, Darja (2009), “Youth unemployment management as a form of social prevention”, in MEŠKO, Gorazd (ed.), KURY, Helmut (ed.). Crime policy, crime control and crime prevention - Slovenian perspectives, Ljubljana: Tipografija, 123-137.
Janja Setor

Janja Šetor is a social pedagogue in Kindergarten Tezno Maribor (Slovenia). She works as a adviser and she has over 18 years of experience with preschool and school children. She also works a lot with the parents and kindergarten teachers. Janja is involved in a study group of other preschool advisers in Slovenia

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