European Assessment protocol for Children's SEL Skills

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Department of Education and Learning

The University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI) is one of the professional universities recognized by the Swiss Confederation. In EAP_SEL project, Department of Education and Learning, will be in charge of organizing and managing the teacher training in Social and Emotional Learning, implemented in different European countries, as well as the construction of a set of professional skills and personal competences needed for a teacher. Since this Department is involved in other national and international collaborations, it can be considered as suitable to manage this part of the project.

websites: www.supsi.ch/dfa ... dfa-blog.supsi.ch/chiamalemozioni/

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Staff members

Davide Antognazza

Davide Antognazza Prof. Antognazza is the leader of the team working on SEL at SUPSI/DFA. He is graduated from the Harvard University School of Education. In this project, prof. Antognazza will serve as WP4 manager, will conduct teacher training in Switzerland and will meet and collaborate with the other partners

Partial bibliography:

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Lorenza Kyburz

Lorenza Kyburz Mrs. Kyburz is a researcher within the team working on SEL at SUPSI/DFA. Graduated from the University of Zurich, she has experience in quantitative research and teacher coaching. She presented her work as coach at the ENSEC (European Network for Social and Emotional Competences) conference in June 2011 in Manchester (UK).

Aline Pellandini

Aline Pellandini Mrs Pellandini has a Bachelor degree in primary education and she is actually a lecturer of education at DFA.

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