European Assessment protocol for Children's SEL Skills

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Department of Health Sciences and Medicine

Örebro University is one of the fastest growing universities in Sweden. The Department’s education and research concerns people’s needs and possibilities in relation to health and illness. The Department has a dynamic and multidisciplinary research. Of particular interest in the current setting is the section within the Department concerned with the health of children and young people, where there are several relevant on–going research projects. In EAP_SEL project, Department of Health Sciences and Medicine, will be in charge of develop and validate a European Assessment Protocol to measure the children’s social and emotional maturity.

website: www.oru.se

Orebro University

Staff members

Brigitta Kimber photo

Birgitta Kimber (BK) Trainer and researcher. Over the last ten years,has developed the Social and Emotional Training (SET) program in Sweden. Her tasks have included preparation of the SET curriculum and teaching material, training of the SET teachers, and evaluation, both quantitative and qualitative, of SET outcomes.

Partial bibliography:

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Charli Carl - Gunnar Eriksson photo

Charli Carl - Gunnar Eriksson Professor, Public Health Department of Health Sciences, Örebro University and Director of the National Centre for Child Health Promotion. Some of his awards include: 1991-2000: Member of Board, Center for Epidemiology, NBHW

Partial bibliography:

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