European Assessment protocol for Children's SEL Skills

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Department of Languages and Literature, Communication, Education and Society

The Department of Languages and Literature, Communication, Education and Society (DILL) of the University of Udine carries out a series of researches on psycho–pedagogy and socio–anthropology topics. The multidisciplinary approach adopted by this department makes it able to implement the assessment protocol foreseen in this project. This department will realize anEAP_SEL project website specifically designed for professional development providers and teacher educators, as well as for teachers and students, both involved in this project and after its implementation. All information coming from and concerning the project in hand will be input and shared within it.

website: www.uniud.it

photo Udine University

Staff members

Lucio Cottini

Lucio Cottini Full Professor of Special Education at the Faculty of Education at the University of Udine.

Director of the Department of Philosophy at the University of Udine, from 01.11.2008 until 31.12.2010.

Coordinator of the doctorate in “Multimedia Communi-cation” at the University of Udine from 01.11.2006 until 30.10.2009. President of the university course in Science of Primary School Education at the University of Udine. Responsible for the Italian version of the American Journal on Mental Retardation.

Member of the scientific committed of Integrazione scolastica e sociale and Psicologia e Scuola (Italian reviews). Coordinator of a PRIN project entitled: “Ageing and quality of live. Developing an integrated model of intervention for people with mental disability or behavioural deficits” financed by the Italian Ministry of Education in 2007. Scientific responsible in the Marches for the Centro Regionale di Ricerca e Documentazione sulla Disabilità (Regional Research and Documentation Centre on Disability).

Partial bibliography:

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Stefano Pascoletti

Stefano Pascoletti Ph.D in “Multimedia Communication” from the Faculty of Education at the University of Udine.

He has over 10 years of software development experience. He acquired skills in business teams, with professionals for the design and production of managerial, educational, diagnostic and rehabilitation software.

He has held lectureship (IT sector) for 15 years at some professional training institutes.

Partial bibliography:

  • Pascoletti S. (2011), “Filtri di protezione e software di monitoraggio”, in: Fedeli, D. (ed), Il bambino digitale, Carocci, Roma, pp. 103-119.
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