European Assessment protocol for Children's SEL Skills

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Aims and objectives

The general aims of EAP_SEL project are:

  • to develop and validate a European Assessment Protocol to measure the children’s social and emotional maturity;
  • to put at the teachers’ disposal a set of programs and tools. To carry out a series of parallel experimentations within the countries involved in the project, in order to state and share the teaching good practices;
  • To help pupils acquire the key competences necessary for their personal development, future employment and active European citizenship;
  • to evaluate the ICT efficacy for the socio-emotional learning;
  • to found a European Social Emotional Learning Board.

The project objectives of EAP_SEL are:

  • to create an integrated approach to teaching and learning in order to support “transversal” key competences;
  • to reinforce the contribution of Lifelong Learning to social cohesion, active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, gender equality and personal fulfillment;
  • to create an open environment in the form of a website where materials will be published and discussed in a specific forum;
    • to use mobile technology to facilitate the wide dissemination of the European model concerning SEL;
    • to improve, promoting, enhancing and diffusion an innovative European dimension of teacher training in the SEL field;
    • to evaluate the team work efficacy in training teachers;
  • to monitor the SEL state of the art in Europe. To promote Europe exchanges about SEL.

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